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This website is specific to Free Piston Engines that use internal combustion technology.

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The Free Piston Engine offers a leap over conventional engine technology.

It presents a fuel to electricity conversion efficiency near 50%, near Zero NOx and no Carbon Emission engine using Hydrogen as a fuel, has significantly less fuel consumption when using conventional fuels while maintaining near Zero NOx and exceptionally low Carbon Emissions all done with Less Number of Parts, Less Weight, Less Cost and Less Maintenance than conventional technology.

This type of internal combustion engine offers dynamic flexible multi fuel capability along with offering Fuel Cell efficiency and have an advantage in cold weather conditions that most of the country experiences from 4-6 months of the year. Fuel Cells in wintertime need to burn their fuel in below freezing conditions to keep themselves warm not freeze and self-destructing. This REDUCES Fuel Cell Efficiency to far Less than 50% making the Free Piston Engine the preferred choice of 50%-year-round efficiency along with dynamic flexible multi fuel capability.

Today, a great amount of work around the world is being accomplished on
Free Piston Linear Engines for use in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, each showing advantages
over conventional engine technology. These links bring those works
to a categorized and time relevant format.

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